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5 reasons why our Thread Balm has become a hit with Australian quilters

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5 reasons why our Thread Balm has become a hit with Australian quilters

Our Thread Balm has been out in the world for a few of months now and I am so thrilled with your response.   I am completely loving that you are all enjoying it too!

Here is a round up of why it is a great choice for all your hand stitching projects.

1. It makes your thread stronger

Tailors, cobblers and saddlers have been using beeswax for hundreds of years to add strength to hand stitched seams.  It is also an essential tool of the trade in certain types of embroidery, especially gold-work and beading.

Pretty much I use it with for all of the different types of hand sewing I enjoy.  From hand quilting (regular thread or perle) English paper piecing, needle turn applique and even when I'm slip stitching binding down.  I just can't do without it now.

A light coat of thread balm strengthens your thread and reduces friction as you stitch. This is particularly important when hand quilting and the thread passes through the layers over and over.

It also stops static and reduces those annoying tangles.  

 2. Its a joy to use

The tin is flat and the rectangular shape makes it easy to lay the thread over the top.  Plus the slider top is able to be opened with just a flick of your thumb so you don't have to put your needle and thread down.  If you are anything like me- that is when I lose it somewhere in the sofa!

using thread conditioner

All you need to do is place your thread over the surface of the balm, rest your thumb gently on top and pull the thread through for a nice light coat.  There is no need to press the thread into the balm. Last of all just work the balm into the thread by running it through your pinched thumb and finger and you are ready to sew.

Our Thread Balm has been carefully formulated so that it will remain soft and pliable.  So no cracking or flaking which happens with those wannabe wax conditioners sold in the slotted plastic containers you see in the big chain stores. (More about that in a minute).

3. No nasties

Thread Balm is made from all-natural ingredients and is safe to use in your projects. The main ingredient is pure Australian beeswax.

Remember those crumbling, flaky beeswax wannabes in the slotted containers? Many of these contain paraffin which is a petrochemical by-product. YUCK!  I for one don't want that anywhere near my fabric or thread, let alone on my hands while I stitch.

Please note.  Thread balm may contain traces of tree nuts. If this is a problem for you, you might need to steer clear.

4.Plastic free & locally made

The beeswax used in Thread Balm is locally-sourced.  This means unlike imported thread conditioners, Thread Balm wont harm our honey and native bee populations.

It is made in regional Australia which I love.  This reduces the air miles and means you are supporting not just one, but two Australian small businesses.

And importantly, those cool little tins are plastic-free as well as functional. They're made from fully recyclable aluminium.

 5. It smells so great

In fact, I think they smell bloody lovely!  They're not over-powering, yet linger just enough to give you a pleasant waft of scent as you stitch.

Straight out of the blocks Lemon-Scented Gum was a hit and remains our top-seller.  It reminds me of billy tea and days in the bush, but most of all of visiting my Grandma and the smell from the avenue of trees along her driveway.  Its crisp and oh-so-familiar.

New scents

The response to the first three scents was so great that last month I added some newbies so now we have five to choose from:



  • Tranquil, with a blissful blend of lavender, frankincense and sandalwood which is perfect for relaxing stitching
  • Natural which is unscented, yet retains a subtle wiff of honey from the beeswax
  • Australian Wattle (new!) Its hard to describe the scent - well because it just smells like wattle!  But it's woody, spicy and floral all at the same time, with just a hint of piney freshness.  As hard as it is to describe, its also wonderfully familiar.
  • Nectarine & Mint  (new!)  This one will carry you nose-first into summer.  Its sweet and fruity, but balanced with the fresh zing of spearmint.  It reminds me of a tall glass of summer punch and is a great option if floral blends aren't your thing.
  • And everybody's favourite, Lemon-Scented Gum

You should totally try some and add a tin to your next order.  I use it for all types of hand stitching and its a game changer! 


Are you a shop interested in stocking Thread Balm?  It is now available for wholesale to registered businesses.  You can inquire here

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