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Leather Handles - Short Stuff -1 inch wide in tan

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Leather Handles - Short Stuff -1 inch wide in tan


Short stuff packs include 3 pieces of leather strapping in a slightly shorter length.

Because cows come in all different sizes - so do cow hides.  This means that we are often left with pieces which are perfectly useful, but not quite as long as our regular handles. Our short stuff handles pair perfectly with the Maker's Tote, Fika Tote and Crescent Tote bag patterns

Each short stuff pack includes

  • at least two 21" handles (this is the minimum - they may be even a little longer IRL). 
  • a spare piece  measuring at least 12" and a scrap to practice your stitching for free  

These Australian leather handles are the perfect way to finish your bag project.  They are strong and  durable, and at 2mm thick are able to be stitched on most *domestic sewing machines.  A size 14 top-stitching or leather needle is recommended.

Please note,  as leather is a natural product there may be some variations in the grain.

 The leather is sourced from a Queensland tannery and custom cut for us from a single cow hide into straps.   

Your strap will be supplied as either

  • a continuous length of at least 56 inches,
  • OR 2 x 28" straps
  • plus we will send you a bonus scrap of leather to so you can practice stitching.

*I cannot guarantee that your particular machine will  be able to sew through these handles