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Bush Onion Dreaming in brown



Bush Onion Dreaming  in brown  is a design by Australian Aboriginal artist Jane Nampajimpa Hudson for M&S Textiles. 

In Aboriginal language Merne Yalke or bush onion grows along creek beds. When the grass of the plant dried out, Aboriginal people dig up the bush onions from the soil. They clean the soils and husk it and eat it when the bulb is ripe or white inside.  Bush onion  can be eaten raw or cooked. It is hard when it is raw but soft when it is cooked.

Jane Hudson learnt painting from her mother. Her dreaming is fire dreaming, bush onion dreaming and her work is highly graphic. 

100% quilting weight cotton, 115cm wide

Fabric is sold in 25cm increments cut across the width of fabric, however you may request a FQ by leaving a comment at the checkout.  Wherever possible multiples will be supplied as a continuous length.

1 = 25cm 

 2 = 50cm 

3 = 75cm 

4 = 1m and so on