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Devonstone - Ngurambang - Ngulburnan Waterholes in ochre & purple


Ngurambang means 'country' or 'home' in the Wiradjuri language

Ngulburnan waterholes in ochre and blue is a fabric from the Ngurambang Collection by Wayne Martin for Devonstone Fabrics.  This artwork represents the rivers and water holes that Wayne connects to on country.

Wayne is a Wiradjuri/Maranganji man who in partnership with his wife Daniell (a Wulli Wulli woman from central Queensland) formed Ngurambang Cultural Education and Art was formed.  Wayne is the artist and loves to share his culture and his painting has allowed him to share his journey, cultural knowledge and experiences.

100% quilting weight c otton, 115cm wide

Fabric is cut in 25cm increments across the width of fabric, however you may request a fat quarter cut by leaving a comment at the checkout.  Wherever possible multiples will be supplied as a continuous lenght

1 = 25cm 

2 = 50cm 

3 = 75cm 

4 = 1m and so on