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Jeana Kimball's Foxglove Cottage - Betweens quilting needles- size 12


Betweens quilting needles in size 12 from Jeana Kimball of Foxglove Cottage are made in England and are of the highest quality.

The Size 12 Betweens needle is very short and very thin. Many hand quilters prefer it for getting the smallest of stitches and this is the needle which Wendy used for many years when hand quilting. The eye of the Size 12 Betweens is fairly small and can be a challenge to thread. The Size 11 Betweens needle is the same length and a little thicker than the Size 12 allowing capacity for a slightly larger eye.  If the Size 12 breaks often or if is too difficult to thread, you may find the Size 11 Betweens to be a better choice.

The plastic tube contains 16 needles