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Jeana Kimball's Foxglove Cottage -Sharps Needles - size 9

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Sharps needles in size 9 from Jeana Kimball of Foxglove Cottage are made in England and are of the highest quality.

Sharps Needles are fine and sharp so are a good general-purpose hand sewing needle and their shorter shank makes them more maneuverable. The eye is punched within the shank, it  so it will glide smoothly through the layers of fabric without that annoying 'popping' at the eye end.

This plastic tube contains 16 needles 

These are Wendy's go-to needle  for EPP, binding and needle-turn applique, because the fine shank and slightly shorter length gives greater maneuverability and precision.  You will find making tiny stitches a breeze with these.

The size 9 Sharps needles are slightly larger than the size 10.