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Jeana Kimball's Foxglove Cottage - Straw Needles - size 10

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Straw needles in size 10 from Jeana Kimball of Foxglove Cottage are made in England and are of the highest quality.

The straw needle is also often called a milliners needle.

Straws are fine and flexible.

The long shank and small eye make them perfect for hand stitching as they carry the thread smoothly through the cloth.  They are favored by many quilters for English paper piecing and applique.  They are also the needle of choice for bullion stitch embroidery and beading. 

This plastic tube contains 16 needles 

The size 10 straw needle is smaller than the size 9 straw.  They are longer than sharps needles so are the perfect general-sewing needle choice for folk who prefer a needle with a bit more length.