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Matilda's Own - 100 x 50cm Wool Ironing Pad

Matilda's Own Wool Ironing Pad is the perfect studio companion and is made right here in Australian from 100% locally sourced wool. 
The pressing mat reflects the heat from the iron back up into your project making perfectly flat seams a breeze.  As well as garments and patchwork its also a perfect surface for pressing your embroideries.
The mat is 7-8mm thick and 100 x 50cm (40 x 20").  Its generous size makes it the perfect option for a bench-top pressing station in your studio  Its also a perfectly portable ironing surface for social sewing days.
The ironing mat is able to be used with or without steam  but it is suggested that a piece of cotton be placed on top if using anything hotter than the wool setting on your iron.