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Next Stitch - Thread Balm - Australian Wattle


Our Australian Wattle thread balm is comfortingly familiar.  Just like Lemon-scented gum it will remind you of walks in the bush.  

The scent is complex.   It is distinctly floral, and has just a hint of piney freshness. It is sweet yet woody, and is used in aromatherapy to lift your spirits and clear your mind.  

The scent lingers just a little while you work making this one perfect for a bit of evening stitching as you unwind at the end of the day.


Our thread balm is 100% natural and hand made in Australia using only locally sourced beeswax.

A light coat of our thread conditioner reduces knots and tangles when hand sewing. It lubricates the thread and reduces friction and fraying, particularly when hand quilting through all those layers.

Beeswax can be very hard and even brittle in chilly climates and with age.  Our thread balm base has been specially formulated so that it will stay soft for easy application, but not so soft that it it is goopy and glugs up your thread

The thread balm comes in a slider-topped, flat tin so that it is easy to lay your thread on top and use. Just hold your thread between the tin and your finger and pull.  Then run your thread through your fingers and you are ready to stitch

Please note: It may smell good enough to eat - but we don't want you to do that.  It may also contain traces of tree nuts.