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Robert Kaufman - Waxer Canvas in ebony END OF BOLT

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END OF BOLT 30 cm x width of fabric piece 

RKW 216364

Waxer canvas is a heavy weight dyed cotton canvas which has been naturally waterproofed using beeswax to create a water resistant barrier ideal for jackets and bags.  The wax content repels water causing to bead on the surface rather than penetrate.

145cm/57 inches wide, 100% beeswax treated cotton, 8oz weight

Waxer canvas is able to be sewn on your domestic sewing machine and Wendy recommends using a specialty leather needle and clips rather than pins while making your project.

Please note that fabric creases scratches and 'cracks' ar a natural part of the character of Waxer canvas as it ages.

Fabric care notes:

It is recommended that you sponge wipe with cold water only if soiled and hang to dry.  Do NOT machine wash, use detergent or bleach, iron or leave exposed in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.  Waxer canvas can be refreshed and re-conditioned with a light application of Dubbin wax treatment