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Ruby Star Society - Warp and Weft - Chore Coat Toweling in Sunset

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RS4016- 1 Warp & Weft - Chore Coat toweling in Sunset 

Warp & Weft is an entirely woven group designed by Alexia Marcelle Abegg which mixes and matches with her previous collection Alma and Add It Up basic effortlessly.   They are deliciously soft with a delicate drape making them wonderful for floaty garments and soft and squishy quilts.

This toweling has been designed by Alexia to complement the Warp and Weft collection and is highly absorbent.  It is hemmed on two sides so you can quickly run up table runners, place mats and napkins.  Alexia has even designed a loose jacket that makes clever use of those hemmed edges.  You can find the tutorial here

100% yarn woven cotton,  40cm (16") wide 

Fabric is cut in 25cm increments across the width of fabric.   Wherever possible multiples will be supplied as a continuous length.

1 = 25cm 

2 = 50 cm 

3 = 75 cm 

4 = 1m and so on