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Sarah Watts - Purl Panel in Teal


Purl Panel in black and green by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society.

Purl is inspired by all things knitting and crochet. In illustrating this group Sarah pictured herself sipping tea in a comfy chair on a rainy day and diving into a yarn project. There are balls of yarn, teacups and sweaters, in a soft palette of mint, cream, and teal with tangerine accents.

The panel consists of three designs, a teapot, llama and hands working with a ball of yarn and are printed on Ruby Star cotton.  It is a lighter weight quilting cotton, printed in Japan and with a soft drapey hand feel.

The panel can be used to make banners, cushions and wall hangings to decorate your crafting space, or even incorporated into quilt projects

100% cotton, 60cm x 115cm wide

Panels are sold as 60cm width of fabric pieces.  

1 = 1 panel

2 = 2 panels and so on