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Zen Chic - Breeze Mochi Linen Fine Lines in flax and gold

by Moda


Fine Lines is a design by Birgitte Heitland of Zen Chic, printed on Moda's Mochi unbleached linen.

Mochi linen has a more substantial hand than quilting cotton, but softer than full canvas weight which makes it a versatile for your projects.  It is suitable for garments, bags, soft furnishings as well as incorporating into your patchwork projects.

115cm wide,  70% cotton, 30% linen

Fabric is sold in 25cm increments across the width of fabric.  Multiples will be supplied as a continous length wherever possible

1 = 25cm

2 = 50cm 

3 = 75cm

4 = 1m and so on