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Cog + Wheel templates - heads up there is a small issue

Cog + Wheel templates - heads up there is a small issue

Denyse  Schmidt and I have picked up an issue with the 5/5R piece in some of the first templates that were manufactured. This piece is used in the outer ring of the Cog + Wheel block and you need to cut both 5 and mirrored or reversed R) 

When cut our supplier has flipped 5/5R shape, and the engraving is marked on the wrong or the reverse side. 

But don't sweat it if your set is affected, as the piece is still perfectly functional and accurate. You just need to make sure you check the orientation against your pattern.


If your 5/5R piece has been flipped, I suggest you mark it clearly like this to remind yourself. 

I just scribbled on mine with a permanent marker , but obviously washi tape would be much prettier - Doh!

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Cheryl Zelus - March 20, 2019

Hi there! I was figuring when I cut my #5/5r that I could double the fabric (folding in half) and actually be cutting the 5 and 5r at the same time. It seemed to work, though I haven’t yet sewn them together. Can you see a problem with this practice? I’d like to know before I cut anymore if I’m messing them up. It seems like it would work for the template even if it’s got the issue you describe? Thanks!

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