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Everything you need to know about the Cog + Wheel sew-along prizes

Everything you need to know about the Cog + Wheel sew-along prizes

We think you will feel like a winner at the end of the sew-along when you step back and admire your fabulous new Cog + Wheel quilt.  But just in case you need some more motivation, Denyse and I have rounded up a juicy prize pool for the Cog + Wheel sew-along. 

Before we go any further, Denyse and I want to thank our friends at FreeSpirit Fabrics and XLN Fabrics for their support and sponsorship of the Cog + Wheel sew-along.


Here’s what you need to do to win a prize

  1. Sign up for the sew-along. If you haven’t registered yet, here’s the link
  2. Post a weekly picture of your progress on Instagram and use #cogandwheelsal. Add any other hashtags you’d like, but make sure you use the official one so we don’t miss seeing your work.
  3. Post your picture any time during the week, but make sure it is before midnight (11.59pm) each Sunday EDT of the quilt-along, and according to the schedule below so that you are in the running for the weekly prizes. For people sewing in Australia, that’s 2pm on the following Monday, but if you get your post done by Sunday night you can relax and forget about it.
  4. Make sure your account is set to public. We can’t give you a prize or answer your questions if we can’t see you.

If your Instagram account is private, consider making it public for the duration of the sew-along.  Or, you could even set up a separate account under a pseudonym.


The Prizes

Every week, one lucky person will win a prize in the Cog + Wheel sew-along.  Each week the prizes get bigger and better.

With lots of fabric, a store gift card from us and inspiring projects from Denyse, our prize pool is guaranteed to spark your sewjo.


Week 1

For the first week of the sew-along – with thanks to FreeSpirit Fabrics – we are giving away a Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids charm pack. There’s 100, 5-inch charms, in 75 gorgeous colors. 


To win the charm pack you need to post a picture of your fabric pull on social media by the stroke of midnight, Sunday 17 March.  For a bit of fun and to help build the international sew-along community, also use this week’s post to introduce yourself and tell us where you live.


Week 2

In week 2 the prize is another Modern Solids 5-inch charm pack, AND an autographed copy of Denyse’s iconic Big Charming quilt pattern.


You can put those colourful squares straight to work!  How good is that?

To win the Week 2 prize you need to begin your first Cog + Wheel block and stitch together the A1, A2 and B cog units, and post a picture by 24 March.  

If you’re not sure what those units are it’s because you haven’t bought your pattern yet.  You can purchase one for immediate download here 


Week 3

This week I am giving away a $50 gift voucher which you can spend on anything you like in store here at The Next Stitch.  You could even treat yourself to a set of Cog + Wheel or Free-Wheeling Single Girl templates!



To win the gift voucher you need to sew those units from last week together to finish your first block centre (made up of C, B, C), and start work on piecing units for another block.  Don’t forget to post a picture on social media by 31 March.

Week 4

We have two different, but equally awesome prizes to give away for week 4.

To one lucky person, we will be sending out a 10-inch charm pack of Denyse's Modern Solids. With 75 pieces, this pack is almost twice the size of a regular layer cake.  Each square is a different shade carefully chosen by Denyse from FreeSpirit Fabrics beautiful solids range.

Another lucky maker will win the complete set of Quilt Folk Revival quilt patterns (patterns 1-7).  Each pattern includes instructions to make the source quilt, plus an updated version by some of our favourite contemporary designers, including Tula Pink and Guicy Guice. 

So two patterns in each one means a total of 14 patterns - winning!

I am totally smitten by Denyse's witty response to that redwork source quilt aren't you?

To win this fat stack of solids, OR the Quilt Folk pattern pack you need to stitch two of your cog units into the background.  Post a picture of your two completed Cog+Wheel blocks by the last tick of the clock on Sunday 7 April and you’re in with a chance. 

Feel free to have a bit of a brag about mastering that curved sewing while you’re at it.

Week 5

Have you noticed how the prizes keep getting bigger? 

Week 5 won’t disappoint as one super-duper lucky person will win an autographed copy of Denyse Schmidt’s Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration book.

There’s 20 different quilt projects to make and the photography is stunning.  As well as providing oodles of creative inspiration (I flip through mine regularly), it also doubles as a beautiful coffee table book.


Week 5 is our catch up week or, for the folk making larger quilts, time to focus on making some extra blocks.  To win the Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration book you need to post a picture of at least three completed Cog+Wheel blocks (ie with the cogs inserted into the backgrounds).

Week 6

Thanks to the continued support of FreeSpirit Fabrics and XLN fabrics, we are excited to have two Modern Solids fat quarter boxes to give away to our grand prize winners.  Just like the 5-inch and 10-inch charm packs, each box contains 75 colours carefully curated by Denyse.  There’s a perfect mix of soft or saturated hues plus versatile neutrals, so the creative possibilities are endless.


To win one of the Modern Solids fat quarter boxes you will need to:

  • post a picture of your completed quilt top with the borders attached if making the baby quilt, or
  • post a picture of at least 6 completed Cog+Wheel blocks if you are making a larger quilt. 

You will need to post a picture no later than 21 April to be in the running.

Remember, your quilt doesn’t need to be quilted or bound to be eligible for one of these awesome prizes. 

But we know some of you will be super speedy, so if you are on a roll and want to get your project finished, keep on posting pictures.  We WANT to see and we are here, ready to cheer you on. 

What if I don’t live in the US or Australia,?  Can I still win a prize?

Of course you can!

Just like the Free-Wheeling Single Girl SAL; it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.  Everyone is in with a chance.

Just make sure you sign up for the sew-along, gather your materials and get ready to start ‘cog and wheeling’ with us when we kick off on 11 March. 

Post pictures of your progress on each week according to the schedule, use #cogandwheelsal and you are in the running.

We can’t wait to see your versions, so GOOD LUCK!











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