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Mother's Day gifts your Mum will love: a gift guide for crafty and creative Mums

Mother's Day gifts your Mum will love: a gift guide for crafty and creative Mums

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your crafty Mum this mother's day, I've got your back, and something to suit your budget.

Not all irons are created equal

Oliso's M3Pro mini irons have arrived in Australia and are taking makers by storm.   

Don't be fooled by their small size.  They deliver a powerful shot of steam and to be honest, I think it is hotter than my regular size iron. Trust me - this is the only time you will give your Mum and iron and have her be utterly thrilled about it.

Gifts under $50

I can't think of a maker that I know that doesn't love snipping threads with a brand new pair of scissors.  For that extra bit of luxury, check out the gold-plated Ricamo scissors from SOHMO for $45.  Made in Italy and packaged in Australia, they are sharp right to the very tip and the longer, elegant handles make them great for getting into small tricky corners.

If your Mum struggles with arthritis in her hands, then the SOHMO Go To Scissors  for $39.95 are well worth considering.  They are extra light and the larger silicon bows (that's the scissor lingo for the handles) make them soft and comfortable to use.  They're pretty (hello pink) and functional, with one knife edge and one  micro-serrated blades.

I've been trying them out while working on a sample for a slow stitching sample for an upcoming workshop here in Dubbo, and they are so, so comfy to use!


FYI, advantage of micro-serrated blades is the way they pull the fabric or thread into the scissors and stop it slipping, making for a sure cut. This makes them perfect for cutting fine fabrics like silk or Liberty tana lawn, and slippery threads. I suggest you just drop that casually into conversation with her on Mother's Day and wait to see how impressed she is - ha!


Gifts under $25

Thread Balm

If you Mum  does any hand-sewing at all, she should definitely try out some of my Thread Balm thread conditioner.  It strengthens and lubricates the thread and helps prevent fuzzy, frayed bits and even limits tangles. I use it for all types of handstitching including EPP and hand piecing, but it particularly comes into its own when hand quilting.

There are several different scents to choose from, as well as the Natural one which has a faint scent of honey from the organic beeswax base.  But don't just take my word for it.  Here's what some other Aussie makers have been saying about Thread Balm:

It is always fun to find a new notion that you cannot live without and I can see that The Next Stitch - Thread Balm is going to be a new favorite for me. (Sharyn P)


I can't get enough of this scent! My first time using thread balm and I’m so happy with this purchase. The scent is divine, and the balm conditions the thread so well that it just glides through the fabric. Highly recommend this product (Rosie F)

 There are lots of other handy bits and bobs that any sewist would be happy to recieve including these sweetly packaged pins from SOHMO


or even some zipper pulls and notebooks from Ruby Star Society.


If your Mum is a little spicy, and sometimes salty, these sassy magnetic needle-minders from Jublyumph could be just the ticket.  The bonus is fewer lost needles and less chance of sitting on one next time you flop on her sofa.  Its a win-win - ha!

And of course there's always fabric, you could just give her a handful of fat quarters  or even some pre-cuts selected from our latest ranges, like some of the prints Ruby Star Society Starry, Rise & Shine or Meadow Star. If you think she'd like sweet novelty prints you can't go wrong with Heather Ross fabric, and Denyse Schmidt prints for vintage loving Mums. 

And by the way, If you've been left wondering what  the hell a fat quarter is all these years, I'm here to tell you that its the same amount of fabric as a 1/4 of a metre, but is cut so that is a 'fat', squarish rectangle of fabric that measures 50cm along the woven selvage edge, but only half as wide as the normal width of fabric

For the gift that keeps on giving over the months ahead

Consider a fabric subscription like the Solids Club.  Each month she will receive a freshly curated ombre palette that includes some of our most popular shades of Moda Bella and Kona Cotton solids.

OK - I know some of you are going to say that she has a WHOLE LOT of fabric, and if this is the case a membership in the Cotton+Steel Thread Club might be just the thing to help her use her stash. Each instalment includes three colourful spools, plus a neutral shade of this Egyptian cotton thread.  Its top notch quality and a bit of an all-rounder as it can be used for hand and machine patchwork piecing, sewing garments, machine embroidery and quilting.


Check out the current club options here

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