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SOHMO are so much more than just pretty packaging

SOHMO are so much more than just pretty packaging

SOHMO scissors & pins = function + luxury

Investing in quality tools save you money in the long run as they stand  up to the test of time.

Everything about SOHMO's range of Italian-made scissors and notions is top-notch.  It also doesn't hurt that it comes in sutainable packaging that looks good enough to eat.  When you open those pretty tins and boxes you can tell its going to be special and SOHMO just doesn't disappoint.

I've been stalking my postie all week and now that it's all here,  I thought we'd take a closer look.

The SOHMO pins

There's three different types of pin to choose from, and know will be using ALL of these all the time. 

1. Basting Pins

 SOHMO glass head pins

The Basting Pins are curved to make basting your quilts just that little bit easier. They are nice and sharp so will glide through those layers and are presented in a sweet peach tin of 50.

2. Glass-Headed Pins

sohmo glass head pins

There's also Glass-Headed Pins which are perfect when pinning at the ironing board because they won't melt if you accidently hit them with the iron.  They are nice and sharp so they glide through the fabric and the glass head also makes them easy to hold.

3. Entomology pins

And last but not least are the Entomology Pins.  I'm really excited about these as they are super fine which makes them great for working with light fabrics like silk and Liberty's tana lawn. 

The Entomology Pins are topped with a drop of resin, and the smooth shoulder of the head means your thread will slip over them, which means fewer snags and tangles while hand stitching.

They're also just that little bit longer than regular pins which lets me double pin and hold my applique pieces more securely.  You can see what I mean here on one of the blocks I am stitching for my Hunt Quilt .  I'm a big fan of these already. 

Entomology pins get a big tick from me for applique 


    The SOHMO Scissors

    Two styles of SOHMO scissors have arrived in this first shipment. 

    8" Tailoring Shears
    First up are the incredibly beautiful 8" tailoring shears.  They're made from nickel-plated carbon steel and finished with luxurious 24k gold-plated handles.

    One blade has a knife edge and the other is a micro-serrated blade, which gives great control over fabrics, particularly slippery ones.  These shears are the perfect scissors for dressmaking.


    The 8" shears have a satisfyingly substantial weight, yet an easy, smooth  action and hand feel.  They are  $89.99, but are made to be used and loved over a lifetime of projects.

    Might be time to start dropping hints about your Christmas wish-list.  Email me at if you'd like to set up a lay-by.

    4" Ricamo scissors

    Last of all for now are the sweet  SOHMO 4" Ricamo Scissors.  They have the same stonkingly good cut and gold handles.  Measuring just 4”, these sharp little knife-edge scissors are great embroidery scissors, or handy for snipping threads at the sewing machine.  

    The Ricamo scissors are $39.99 , and beware the green-eyed monster when you pull these darlings out of your kit on sewing days with your quilty pals.

    All of the SOHMO scissors are packaged in a sturdy card box with foam insert to keep them safe. The box includes care instructions and a microfibre cloth for cleaning.
    If you are after a scissor option which is a total work-horse, we also have a selection of Kai scissors. 
    There's something for every budget and you can check them out here.
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