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The low down on our stocktake sale

The low down on our stocktake sale

Let me be brutally honest here.  Stocktake in quilt shop land is my most dreaded task.  It really is totally blerg, and because I'd rather ship orders than count what's left on all those bolts I decided just this morning to give you 20% off a huge range of fabric.

The when & how

The sale starts today and will continue until 30 June 2021

Whenever you spend $50 or more, you will save 20% on a huge range of fabrics.

No code is needed.  The discount will kick in like magic at the checkout against eligible items once your cart tallies up to $50.


How to tell what fabrics are included

The list of designer fabrics included in this year's stocktake sale is enormous.  The easiest way to tell is just start adding fabrics to your cart and see what happens.

But for those of you who like to be a bit strategic when shopping the sales, here is a summary of fabrics that are discounted:

Can you add non-sale items to your order

Of course you can!  If you are after some thread or even some of our latest fabric collections just pop them in your card and the wizardry of the automatic discount code will do the thinking and calculations for you.

Sale time is always pretty hectic, so I will be cutting width of fabric pieces and only sending FQs if they are available.  The exception of course if if you are purchasing a FQ bundle.

Happy shopping everyone


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