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We've moved!

We've moved!

September flew by in an absolute whirl for us.  After a few weeks of long hard thinking and listing all the pros and cons I have packed up and moved interstate.

Sydney had been great for so many reasons but I decided to move my household and the business to Queensland in order to be able to better support my parents as they get older and their health declines.  Sydney really is the most beautiful and vibrant city and personally I think that Circular Quay station offers the best view from any train platform in the world.

We have swapped one stunning vista for another and are now operating in the Wide Bay area of Queensland.  The last boxes to be packed were The Next Stitch fabrics and they were the first unpacked at this end so that we could continue to  offer seamless service to our wonderful customers.  

We were also very excited to find Carolyn Friedlander's  Euclid range waiting for us when we arrived.


It certainly is a different pace of life but I'm pretty certain I will adjust.  In the mean time I will power away and finish off the unpacking, do some quilting and of course, walk the pugs on that gorgeous beach.

Hervey Bay




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CHRISTINE WILD - January 5, 2017

Really pleased to lean about your quilt business as I love making them for the grand kids. Two down and two to go.
Thank you for your lovely card and letter, always look forward to hearing all your news.
Love to you all Chris

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