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Responsible shipping

The Next Stitch is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and limiting the use of single use plastic wherever we can.  We also want to make it easy for our wonderful customers to do the right thing, all while enjoying the convenience of on-line shopping.

We use compostable mailers and re-purposed cardboard to ship ALL orders.  Our mailers look, and feel like black plastic but are certified to break down in 180 days in a home composting environment.  

online fabric shop with compostable packaging

We also sometimes use clear cellophane bags inside our packaging.  If it has been closed with a piece of sticky tape, then you can be certain this is also compostable.

We use Australia Post as our carrier because they better serve our customers in regional Australia and they offset the environmental impact of their deliveries.  You can read more about how they go about it here

We do our best to find the most economical way to ship your order, and if we find a less expensive shipping method we will always refund you.

The domestic postage on an individual paper pattern is $2.20. Unfortunately it is not possible to automate this within out checkout system at the moment, but you will receive a refund on any excess shipping charged.

To to help you make the most of the capacity in your parcels here's a summary of how much you can fit in a few common sizes 

  • up to 500g  for $8.50 - fits up to 2.75m of fabric, or 11 metric FQs
  • up to 1kg for $12.00 - which fits approximately 4.5. of fabric
  • fits up to 6 m of fabric

The above are an indication only, and calculated using quilting weight cottons. 

We have listed international shipping using Australia post and standard international airmail, though there are options available. More information about their rates to individual countries is available here .

Feel free to contact us at to optimise your international order.