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New from Heather Ross 🎸

New from Heather Ross 🎸

Look what's not that far away 

See what I did there?  Ha!

Far Far Away 3

Far Far Away 3 is the latest retrospective fairy tail collection by Heather Ross.  In this sweet group Heather has reworked some past prints to retell her much-loved Snow White and Playing Horses designs. Heather has drawn on childhood memories of playing with toy horses. and her obsession with gnomes and wondering how they did their laundry.

The hero print in the group is the large-scale Snow White design which comes in four colourways.  Here it is in yellow.  Unfortunately this thumbnail from Windham doesn't show the complete design, but you can just make out the gnomes in the top right. 
The next design is the gnomes' laundry and I have to say I am pretty smitten with those red long-jonhs. 

Playing with horses and the guitars have more of a contemporary feel, but tie into the rest of the collection seamlessly through Heather's masterful palette control.
And last, but not least are the mushrooms and wildflowers.  The mushrooms come in 7 colour-ways and the wildflowers in 5.  The scale and relatively even distribution of pattern over the ground makes them versatile and easy to use in our patchwork.  The hit of colour like this soft-yet-bright blue and popping pickle really add to the overall palette as well.

There are 23 designs in Far Far Away 3.  Pre-order your bundle for $154 and lock in the early bird pricing.  The regular price will be $161

So that's a saving of $7
I am expecting Far Far Away 3 to arrive any day now.
Pre-order here
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