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Wait until you see what is here 🌸

Wait until you see what is here 🌸

Gah! Do quilt backs get any better than this?

I just don't think so.  How about you?

Those big, blousy florals up top are Melody Miller's new Camellia widebacks which arrived yesterday. I wasn't expecting them until December so it feels like the shipping gods are smiling for a change.

The floral quilt backings are part of Melody's upcoming Camellia collection and printed on cotton sateen which gives the cloth that rich and luxurious sheen.  They are 108" (275cm) wide and the drape and hand feel is softer than even RSS usual quilting cotton which makes them great for garments as well as quilt backing.

The three colour-ways are Ocean, Caramel and Balmy - that's the peachy pink one, and the larger bouquets measure roughly 10 to 11" across.

Cosmos Wide

Sarah Watts also turned up for the wide back party this week and her three Cosmos Wide quilt backing fabrics are also in store right now.

This photo of Cosmos in teal from the Ruby Star Society catalogue really highlights the sheen of the cotton sateen.

Cosmos 108 wide is also available in black and off-white.  While not evident in the manufacturer's images, its every bit as dramatic as the teal.

 I see Harry Potter quilts with that black one.  Am I alone?

The Cosmos and Camellia wide-backs are $12.25 per 25cm  or $49/m.

If you are after something less patterned, I also have all of the Speckled wide-backs available as well, though yardage is getting down on a couple of them.  They cost slightly less ($12 for 25cm) as they are printed on RSS's usual quilting cotton, not the sateen.


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Karen - May 12, 2023

Will you be getting the wideback black cosmos in again?

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