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Quiltcon 2017 Charity Quilt colours

Quiltcon 2017 Charity Quilt colours

Every year The Modern Quilt Guild sets out creative guidelines and a palette of colours for the Quiltcon Charity Quilt Challenge.  Member guilds and individual members from around the world are invited to make a quilt to be exhibited at Quiltcon and then donated to the guild's charitable organisation of choice.

I've not yet managed to make it to Quiltcon - but from what we see on social media, these quilts made from coordinating colours hanging together make a fabulous display.

Members are able to incorporate prints into their challenge quilts as long as they remain within the challenge palette, but it is common to see a lot of solids used.

This year's colours balance the softness of pinks and greys with bright zings of blue, green and yellow. 

quiltcon 2017 charity quilt kona colours

Here at The Next Stitch we have yardage in stock of all of the coordinating Kona Cotton Solids. This year's colour palette includes:

  • white
  • silver
  • pink
  • citrus
  • yarrow
  • ultra-marine
  • hyacinth and
  • ocean

We can't wait to see how these colours are used. If last year is anything to go on - there will be plenty of show stoppers. There is a lot of inspiration over on Instagram if you search #quiltconcharityquilt


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