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The announcement you've been waiting for

The announcement you've been waiting for


Pre-orders for the next Ruby Star Society clubs have opened. And yes, I did mean to say clubs!

Ruby Star Society Club 5

If you love print and pattern, this is the one for you.  Club 5 includes all of the quilting cottons from Melody Miller's Camellia,  and Kim Kight's much-anticipated Tomato Tomahto. (In case you hadn't heard the news, tomatoes are the new strawberries!)


All of Rashida's jewel-toned Reign collection is also in the club.  She designed this powerful group during the summer of 2020 in response to black deaths in custody and the global protests, and as a reminder, and celebration of personal power. 

And last but not least, Club 5 includes selected prints from Vessel: Alexia Abegg's homage to potter; and Sarah Watt's cheery Birthday groups.

Club 5 is expected to kick off late November/ early December and will run for 6 month.  Each month you will receive 13 fat quarters for $110/month.

Sign up for RSS Club 5 here

RSS Stars & Spots club

This is the basics club, that's not too basic! The Stars & Spots club follows up the enormously popular Speckled Club.  Just like Club 5, this one runs for 6 months and in each instalment you will receive 10 fat quarters which will build into  a fabulous dotty rainbow over the life of your subscription.

Over the 6 months your will receive all 17 shades of Alexia's Abegg's Starry and all 20 of Kim Kight's Hole Punch Dot.

The club will be rounded out with selected dotty, spotty and starry prints form Vessel and Birthday, plus 5 new shades of Melody Miller's popular Spark basic.
Scroll down a bit to see how they look together.  Its a lovely rainbow with plenty of low volumes and neutrals that you will be dipping into over and over again.  The Ruby Star Society Stars & Spots club is $65/month for 6 months.

Sign up for the RSS Stars & Spots club here
There are no duplicates across the two clubs and some dyed in the wool fans have already signed up for BOTH!  Places in both clubs are strictly limited, and lots of existing members have decided they can't do without their regular dose of RSS happy mail - so spots are filling fast!

Check out both of the new Ruby Star Society fabric clubs here.



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