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Just in - RSS Heirloom & Food Group

Just in - RSS Heirloom & Food Group

Worth waiting for!

Alexia Marcelle Abegg's Heirloom is here

Heirloom was slated for April/May delivery but then came no-one's friend Delta, which caused huge disruption in the mills and ports in Japan, 5 months slides by and the rest is history.

Heirloom is Alexia's latest group from Ruby Star Society's Fall 2020 release and  the palette coordinates seamlessly with her Warp & Weft Heirloom wovens. 

The printed fabrics are her homage to vintage quilts and the fabric those family treasures are made from.  All of the fabrics have a single-colour background and feature motifs from her hand-carved stamps.  There's 26 quilting cottons, plus the three quilt block inspired canvases.  Here's a closer look at those canvases, which are proving to be every bit as popular as I thought they would be.
The canvas is 30% linen and 70% cotton.  It is soft enough to incorporate into your patchwork projects, but substantial enough to make structured garments like jackets and skirts, plus bags.  All the bags!

Six new shades of Add it Up were also released to coordinate Heirloom.  You can find them here, along with plenty of other shades that also slot in beautifully to this sunrise palette.

Heirloom is proving to be pretty popular and the yardage shoppers have been out today.  I still have some bundles available but they are selling fast.  Bundles are $195 and contain all 26 of the quilting cottons , plus the canvas in three three colour-ways.  

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Tasty as!

RSS Food Group

Also new this week are some of the fabrics from Food Group. Who knew I needed cheese fabric in my life as much as this?

Food Group is a collaborative collection with all five designers contributing sweet, farmer's market - inspired designs. There are slices of watermelon, eggs, chees, fruit & veg, plus painted ginghams which are proving to be a hit with you all.

So far there are only 15 of the 29 prints in store, so no bundles this time around.  The rest should arrive in about 6 weeks, but meanwhile there's lots to enjoy with this retro style stack.


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